Stop Buying duplicate crafting supplies

Stop buying duplicate craft supplies! Have you ever bought duplicates of the same stamp or die? Or pass up a bargain because you don’t remember if you have it?

I know that I have.

This last year, I went really gung-ho with paper crafting and bought lots and lots of stamps and dies… including some duplicates.

Oh No!  I don’t want to over-spend by buying stuff I can’t use.

What’s even worse is NOT getting that super cute stamp because you’re pretty sure that you already have it… then you search your stash, it’s not there, and the stamp is no longer on sale or (even worse) no longer available.

So, last year during my YouTube binge-watching, I discovered a really cool solution… Windows OneNote.

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I’ve also heard that Evernote will work also and will be trying it out to share in a future video and blog.

In Windows OneNote, you can create a digital notebook that you can store notes, pictures, etc in.

The cool part is that you can access it from any device…. So, I check my notebook on my phone when I’m in Michaels before I decide to buy that stamp set!

And did I mention that the App is free?

Just go to to download, or check your windows10 pc… you probably already have it.

It also works on your Mac devices and is available at the Mac App Store… I have a pc so have not tried that version.

You’ll also want the OneNote Clipper, so go ahead and download that one too.

Stop buying duplicate craft supplies! Let’s give this a try and see if it will work for you. Here is my YouTube video going step by step.

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First, open one note and create a new notebook… make sure to save it to your OneDrive.

OneDrive is the cloud-based storage that allows you to access the notebook from any of your devices.

Next, we’ll add a section.

This is just like a paper notebook or planner.

The sections help you organize your notes.

This one we’ll call “stamps”.

Now comes the fun part.

I have the new Lawn Fawn How you bean conversation heart add-on, and I want to put it in my inventory notebook.

All I have to do is search for it online.  Since I have the clipper installed, once I find a webpage with the stamp set image that I want, I just clip it.

Let’s go back to the notebook.

I’m impatient, so I’ll sync the notebook.  OneNote does this automatically and pretty quickly, but you can always speed things along.

Once it’s synced, you’ll see a new page is in the stamps section.  Let’s take a look.   And there is the page we clipped from the internet.

You can clip the whole page, an article, or just crop a portion of a webpage into your notebook… it’s up to you and what info you want to save.

One of the really cool features that make this work so well is the search function.

It doesn’t just search the note title.  It will search all the words in the note.

So, if I search for “coordinating” since it is in the note, it will find anything in your notebook with that word.

There are a LOT of other cool features in the full and app versions of this program that I absolutely love for organizing my crafty thoughts.

If you’d like to be to share some of these, please let me know and I’ll share in a future video and blog. Thank you so much for dropping by, and have a great and crafty new year!

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