New Tutorial! Shaker Dashboards

I like seeing all the shaker dashboards and shaker pouches for planners all across the interwebs, so I decided to do one myself.  I had some stuff in my stash that I hadn’t yet used for anything. And, I wondered if you could laminate over a sheet protector, or would it melt into the laminate.

I decided to not only make a shaker but do a little experiment too.  Let’s see how it turned out.


What you will need:


Step One

Turn on your laminator to heat up, and trim down your sheet protector or cellophane bag to the size you want.  I think mine was about 3 – 5 inches wide.   I also placed some paper sticking out one end of the bag so that I could make sure one end was open for filling later.  If you don’t do this part, it’s ok.  You’ll just need to trim some off of that end as well… unless the sheet protector or cellophane melts.  Then it won’t really matter.

Step Two

Place your bag in a laminate pouch.  I’ve been trimming the excess whenever I laminate for the occasion to use it on something smaller.  This was the perfect situation!  I just taped one end shut with post-it tape, and I had a new pouch.  P1010445.JPG

Step 3

Run your pouch through your pre-heated laminator.
At this point, I was curious to see if my experiment worked.  Awesome!  They came out perfect.  The only thing I wasn’t completely happy with was the texture on the sheet protector.  I should have chosen a smooth finished one.P1010451.JPG

Step 4

Trim off the extra laminate.  Remember not to cut too close.  There is usually a little bit of air at the edge of what you laminated, and you want a good seal.

Step 5

Here is the fun part.  Start filling!  For one of the shakers, I picked a flower dimensional sticker from a pack I bought at the Dollar Tree.

For the other, I cut a cute card from a scrapbook paper pack I bought at Michaels.
Then I added sequins, glitter, and small paper punch confetti.


Step 6

Seal it up.  Tape the open end shut with some tape or glue it shut.P1010464.JPG

Step 7

Finishing touches.  I added some washi tape to the top to hide the tape, and to add a little color.  Then I decided to put washi around one of the shakers as a frame.  On the other, I used washi on both the top and the bottom and had also left enough laminate on one side so I can hole punch it later and use it as a shaker bookmark in my planner.

And now I have a couple of shaker cards to either put in my planner or give as gifts… or to take to work and show off just a little bit.
I hope you make some of your own.  If you do, let me know!  I’d love to see them!
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