Thank you so much for dropping by. I have been so frustrated lately with my Brother Scan N Cut and just found a solution for a common problem we have with it. I love my machine and figured that I just didn’t understand some of the rules for using it, so I’ve been getting less than stellar results.

I had set everything up to cut several doilies and told the machine to cut. Then I walked away to do something else. (What female crafter doesn’t multitask?)

When I came back, I found that some of the images were cut out perfectly, and some didn’t cut at all. And the blade depth had decreased during cutting. What!?!

I saw this happen before and had contacted Brother Support to see why. On the previous cut, I had set up for a full 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of intricate images and thought there might be some limit to how much the machine could take on one pass through. They said no, and suggested that I clean the blade holder, making sure there were no paper scraps or dust causing the problem. No such luck. cleaning it didn’ work.

As a temporary fix, I just stood at the machine and paused it every time I saw the blade shift so I could re-set it. Ugh! Not fun!

So far I’m getting no results so I appealed to the ScanNcut users help each other Facebook group for help. These folks are super awesome! It turns out that this is a known issue for years, but no fix in the hardware has been done yet. Since I’ve had my ScanNcut for less than a year, I asked for a replacement. YAY! It came in today.

Another person recommended a fix that is working really well… washi tape! After trying it, I realized why it happened in the first place. The instructions for installing the blade say to tighten the holder down once you put in the blade… so I must have tightened it too far and stripped the threads. Placing one layer of washi tape, and tightening the holder (but not too far!) keeps the blade depth in place!

I’m so excited to be able to use my ScanNcut machine more! There are so many interesting projects that I’ll be experimenting with and sharing with you soon, along with tutorials and process videos to help inform and inspire you.

Thank you so much for stopping by and happy crafting!

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