I think I have Inspiration Deficit Disorder.  It’s something that every creative person has to deal with from time to time, and I’m really feeling it today.

This last week was the first full week that I’ve gone to work all year.  You guys all know that I’ve been struggling.  I guess it’s always hardest when you don’t know what’s wrong, or what to do to fix it, and you have to go through all the time and tests just to start moving back to normal.  We now know that I’m allergic to a lot of stuff, and that I have asthma… whether one is causing the other, I don’t know yet.

Anyway, the new treatments are helping, so I headed off to work on Monday.  If you’ve ever been sick for an extended period, you know that trying to do normal things is exhausting… so I’m on half days.  And, luckily, this was a short week with the 4th of July holiday.

I’ve been very tired every afternoon.  I’ve finished up and mailed out some projects for some swaps that I’m participating in on Facebook, but that’s about it.

And no videos.


Because I sit at my desk and have no idea what I want to work on.

I have IDD: “Inspiration Deficit Disorder“.

What am I doing to combat this dreadful disease?

  • Watched some YouTube videos.  I have subscribed to a ton of creators that I want to catch up on ’cause they are super awesome!  But the tiredness is causing them to not have the effect that I’d hoped.
Image result for youtube binge
  • I’ve started a long crochet project.  I’m working from a pattern, so after picking the yarn (which I already had in my stash for making pom poms), it doesn’t require any creative mojo.  I just sit on the couch with a movie or tv show, and make the repetitive motions.  The bag I’m making will be pretty once it’s done.
Image result for crochet beach bag
  • Reorganizing my stash.  Over the last few months, I’ve dropped into Michaels occasionally.  I love getting the Hot Buy paper packs when they are on sale.  My store hasn’t had a lot in stock for some reason (they used to keep at least twice as much on hand).  So I’ve gone in a few times to see if they have the new stuff.  These have been piling up, and today the mess just irritated me. So I’m adding them to my new OneNote inventory notebook.  (I created one a while back and have been really bad at keeping it up to date.  I’m doing a little rearranging within it, so hopefully, I’ll do better) I’ve labeled the spines of these paper packs, and created pages in OneNote with a pic pulled from the web.  My stack had 42 paperpacks!  That doesn’t include what’s in my storage area.  OMG!  No wonder I was getting annoyed.  And there were several duplicates. (plus I know there are duplicates in storage… I love these but I don’t use them much.)

So far, none of these has helped me push through and create.

There are sales at Hobby Lobby and Michaels today… I think I’ll go shopping.  Maybe I’ll find some inspiration while I’m out.

What do you do to fight “Inspiration Deficit Disorder”?  Please share what works for you.  You may have the key to curing this disease for so many crafters!

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