How I made a mini pocket letter

What is a Pocket letter?

I kept seeing all these posts on one of the Facebook Groups that I joined last year, and had no idea what they were talking about. They were swapping pocket letters, and I couldn’t figure out #1, what they were, and #2 why they were swapping them.

So I did a little internet digging.

A pocket letter, per Janet Lane who created the idea, is a different way to send snail mail to your penpals.

You take a trading card page protector, and decorate in all the “pockets” and fill them with things to give your penpal.

What a novel idea! I hadn’t had a penpal since 9th grade… and that was my step-sister in California!

Still I was intrigued.


Because each little part of a pocket letter was like a little artwork (which really appealed to my creative side)! You could go as simple or as complex as you like, and let your creative juices flow.

Also, you are sending a “letter” to someone, so a pocket letter has a purpose (which appealed to my logical side)!

Win! Win!

Plus you get to share some of your crafty goodies with other crafters. (We all love washi tape and sequins right?)

I signed up for some of the swaps and made my first pocket letters!

Here is a video of me putting together a “mini” pocket letter.
Crafting outside the box. How I made a mini pocket letter!

It was actually a set of 3 pocket letters (the trading card page protector is cut into thirds). And I’m happy that the ladies that received them liked them.

If you want more information on making pocket letters, here are some resources that I found online.
411 on Pocket Letter Pals!

What is a Pocket Letter? by thefrugalcrafter

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