ScanNCut Basics - cutting out stamped images

Hi Guys!

I had recorded this back when I made those cute shaker tags and forgot to include this in the video and post (I think it’s a good thing too because that video was a bit long.)

There is so much that the ScanNCut CM350 that I’ve had for a year can do, I figured I’d share some short videos sharing some of its amazing features. 

Later I’ll compare it to the SDX125 that I just got for Christmas.  Both machines are great!

In today’s video, you’ll get to see how this amazing machine was able to fussy out a bunch of stamped and colored images that I don’t have the dies for.  Even if I did have dies, I think this saved me a bunch of time because I did so many.


Think of all that you can do with something like this.

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ScanNCut CM350: Amazon

ScanNCut SDX125: Amazon