DIY Shaker Dashboard

Let’s make a Shaker Dashboard for your Traveler’s Notebook!

Today I’m making a shaker dashboard for a personal size traveler’s notebook and I wanted to share with you how I did it.

Steps for creating the dashboard

Step 1

We are going to start off by cutting the page protector and paper to the width of the planner page for your planner.

The width for a personal size is 3 ¾ inches. 

The height will be 6 ½ inches, but we aren’t concerned about that now.

 You’ll need two pieces for this project.

Step 2

Place the page protectors with the paper inside into your laminate sheet. 

Be sure to line them up evenly on the top and bottom, and leave a half inch gap between the two pieces. 

This section will be used for sliding under your notebooks in your traveler’s notebook.

Step 3


Step 4

Trim off the excess laminate, being careful not to cut into your pockets. 

You’ll also want to cut off the end of the pockets to the correct height for your planner. 

On this personal size, I cut them to 6 ½ inches.

Step 5

Remove the paper from inside your pockets.

Step 6

Now is the fun part! 

Pour your shaker filler into the pockets.  This is where your creativity can shine through. 

I used glitter, 3 or 4 different kinds of sequins and a couple of die cut embellishments that I made.

Step 7

Seal it up. 

Tape usually works fine for this project, but you can also use glue or score tape to adhere the tops shut if you prefer.

Step 8

The tape that we used to seal it usually doesn’t look too pretty.  You can leave it as it is, but I prefer to cover it up with some washi. Cover the seal with some pretty washi or ribbon. 

You’re done! 

All that’s left is to put it in your traveler’s notebook!

Here is a Video showing how I did it!

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I hope that this video has inspired you to get create something great for your traveler’s notebook or planner.

Thank you so much for dropping by, and remember, If I can make it, YOU CAN TOO!


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