Stepping Outside My ConfortZone with Facebook Live

I love creating and I love sharing. So I decided that I need to do more to share. 

I’ve done YouTube videos (still trying to improve them) so I figure the next step would be to try out live video.  Plus, I’ve recently heard that social media platforms are moving further toward video.

It sounds like this would be a great time to start practicing.


The first hurdle I came across was actually making the decision to put my face on camera.  I’m still fighting an illness, and haven’t been very active over the last year or so… which means I put on quite a few extra pounds.  (My docs and I think that I have a combination of allergies and asthma… not quite under control yet.)


After deciding not to let that hold me back, I started researching how to do it.  I checked some YouTube and Facebook videos, and started working on the technology.  I plugged in an old webcam, downloaded the free OBS software, and got ready to stream.

Today’s Facebook Live is the result.  Or at least the first result.  I was able to chat while streaming for a few minutes, but I’ve been wiped out pretty much since then.

But don’t worry.  I’ll be going live on Facebook again.  The resolution on my first video isn’t too good (in my opinion) so I’ll work to improve it.  And I’ll create better content to share. 

What I’m trying to share here is that, if I can do it, so can you.  

If you have a YouTube channel or do Facebook Live, please share the links in the comments section so that I can visit you.  

If you haven’t tried Facebook Live, I challenge you to take the leap.  And let me know when you are going to go live so I can try to be there with you. We can learn this thing together!


Deb Jenkins

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