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If I can make it, YOU CAN TOO!

For much of my life, I, logically, knew that I could “duplicate” a lot of the cute things that I saw at stores, the mall or craft fairs.  But, to be honest, a lot of the time, I was a bit afraid that I would fail, and afraid of what my friends or family would say when they saw my “attempt”.  

Have you ever let fear of failure stop you from doing something?  

When I was a kid, we were broke so making gifts and cards out of stuff at home was pretty much the norm.  I’m sure that they looked terrible, but my Mom always seemed to love them.  

Fast forward to adulthood.Β  And having no time.Β  That happens when you marry too young, inherit your new husband’s kids (that I absolutely LOVE), and you both have full time jobs.Β  There wasn’t much time for hobbies of any sort.

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So many things in my life have changed since then.  

But through most of the change, I was a workaholic with a desk job and I dedicated most of my after-hours time to taking care of my family… and never understood the concept of work-life balance.  It was more work-family balance… with no time for me to focus on self-care.

After lots of changes since the early 2000s, I found myself with a LOT of spare time.  I became a licensed massage therapist (and overworked my wrist and had to go back to a desk job) and went back to college (bachelor’s degree in business administration… after a 20+ year delay before I returning to college).

In 2017, my workaholic side kind of got the better of me, and my life has completely changed. 

And it all started with a planner.

That January, I decided that I needed to improve my productivity, and bought a planner… that I didn’t love.  

My quest for a planner and planner inserts that would work for me led me to the planner community.  (I wound up buying another one, and making my own inserts.)

That led to the planner creator community that used stickers and stamps in their planners.

My Planner Stash
Hummingbird Thank You Card

Which, of course, led to cardmakers and the rest of the crafter community.  

All of which to say, creating that planner in 2017 helped me to re-discover my love of all things crafty.  

I’ve made thousands of cards, lots of planner stickers and inserts, and even played with paper mache, vinyl and resin.Β  And there is so much more to discover.

What’s more important is that I’ve also discovered that I LOVE sharing everything I learn with other people and seeing what awesome things they can create.  And when I say “they”, I mean YOU. 

If I can make it, YOU CAN TOO!