YouTube Livestream

NEW YouTube Channel Points

For now, I’m calling them “Happy Mail Points“… that might change and I’d love to know what you think!

To GET points, you’ll need to be active in the livestream chat (you have to talk to us!). In each stream, your first chat message gets you 150 happy mail points, and you get 20 more for each minute that you hang out with us and chat!

To USE any of these while I’m LIVE on Youtube, just type the “command” in the chat. Don’t forget to use an exclamation point at the beginning (that let’s the automation know it’s a command) and no space between that and the command.

(all point rewards are subject to change and we will be adding more redemption items)

CommandRedemption Cost
!pointsCheck to see how many Happy Mail Points you have!0 points
!ListenHighlight your message! Just leave a space between the command and your message.50 points
!sunnyNEW! Share your message and really get our attention! Just leave a space between the command and your message.500 Points
!tangiaThis will add a link to the Tangia app in the Chat.

There are LOTS of interactions available through the Tangia app… and they keep adding more!
see the app
!picPolaroid Picture (troll the streamer) 100 points
!quote addadd a quote {format: “!quote add” space [text for your quote]}0
!quoteshow a quote {format: “!quote” space [quote id] if you want a certain one, or don’t add a number to get a random one 😊}0
!8Ballask the 8Ball a Question100 points

Want to Troll me MORE?

Don’t forget about all the fun interactions with the Tangia app!