#DJCCHalloween2020 | Faux Watercolor and Ink Smooshing

Let’s make some Halloween Cards!

Today I’m making my first Halloween Card for 2020. And it’s the first project in my 2020 Halloween Series.  

Mr. Bones

I love how this card turned out, so I just had to make more.  And they are so easy to do!

I pulled out my Mr. Bones stamp set from Tim Holtz and did some stamping using my stamp platform and some distress and distress oxide inks. 

Oh, and I’m doing a watercolor technique, so I’m using watercolor paper and my distress sprayer.

To start off, I’ll first ink up the stamp with Black Soot, and give it a spray or two of water. Then I’ll stamp it onto the water color panel in my stamp platform.

Then after cleaning off the stamp, I take a distress ink or distress oxide ink in another color and ink it up again.  This time I give it plenty of water, usually 3 sprays will do.  And stamp that down. 

I like oxide the best because of the way it lays on top of the black.  It’ opaque in some areas where the ink was thicker, and more translucent in others.  I love this watercolor look, especially since the black makes it a bit creepy.

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Next let’s work on the backgrounds.

I’m taking the same inks and doing some ink smooshing.  I don’t do this much because of the mess… but I’m trying to push myself past that!  Some of the best techniques are the ones that are messy.  So wish me luck. 

I’m just smooshing some ink down on a piece of plastic, and spraying that with my distress sprayer. 

Since I want the colors to run together, I picked up the plastic and let gravity do it’s thing.

After I had plenty of ink and water blending together on the plastic, I pressed some watercolor into the mix.

This is the time to play and experiment.  Just keep repeating the process until you get the look you want. 


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I hope that this video has inspired you to get started on your Halloween crafting and use some of those stamps that haven’t seen any action since last year.

To see all of my Halloween posts and videos for 2020, check out #DJCCHalloween2020.  Today’s post was the first, but there will be a bunch more for you to see.

Thank you so much for dropping by, and remember, If I can make it, YOU CAN TOO!


Mr. Bones

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