Halloween Travelers Notebook DIY

Let’s make a Halloween Travelers Notebook!

Hi guys! This is Debbie with Debbie J’s Crafting Corner. 

I know that you guys loved this paper pack when I shared the slimline cards I made using it.  Today we will use one page and one cut apart to make the cover for a travelers notebook.

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First pick the paper for the cover of your travelers notebook.

  1. The page I’m using is covered with spooky trees… and has a little ghost down in the right hand corner.  You almost miss the ghost because of how vast the forest appears.  I thought that was just too cute.  And the lighter color of the background goes well with the darker colors in the cut-a-part I’m using on the cover.
  2. Next, cut it down to size.  I chose to make my cover to fit the signatures that I plan on creating for it.  The signatures will be 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches… or half a sheet of letter size paper!  So the cover needs to be large enough to fit 4 of these notebooks. I’m cutting it to 11 1/4 x 8 1/2 (initially I was leaving it at 12 inches on the long end, but it wouldn’t fit in my largest laminating pouch.)
  3. Score the paper at the midpoint, and at 1/2 inch to each side of the midpoint.  My score lines are at 5 1/8, 5 5/8, 6 1/8. The reason you score before laminating is to help your
    finished piece fold enough to close. 
    Laminate does not fold easily, and over time it will pull away from the
    paper.  I haven’t found a way to prevent
    it from happening to some degree.


  1. Round the corners and decorate your cover. It works better if you keep your design pretty flat. I cut this cut-a-part from the paper pack and rounded the corners. It’s adhered with Tombow Mono Multi-glue.

  2. Fold at the score lines… this makes it much easier to bend at the binding after laminating.

Next we move on to laminating.

  1. Laminate. I do recommend rounding the corners first, but it’s not necessary. I also recommend using a 3 mil laminate instead of the 5 mil that I used. Because we are folding or bending at the score lines, the thicker laminate sheet could pull away from the paper at the score lines.
  2. Trim the excess laminate away, being careful NOT to get too close to the edge. There is usually a small pocket of air along the edge that you don’t want to cut into. It could cause it to pull away from the paper.
  3. Next, round the corners.

——— V I D E O ——— 
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—— Video Chapters with time stamps ——

0:00        Introduction
0:25        Cutting the card-stock
1:17         Scoring
3:16        Laminating
6:20       Punching the holes
6:42       Threading the elastic

Now get it ready for elastic.

  1. Score on the same score lines as before.  This wont be at the same measurements because we should have an extra 8th of an inch or so from the laminate.  I’m re-scoring it on both sides and put a little muscle into it… laminated paper is very hard to score.
  2. Bend or fold on the score lines on the 2 outer score lines. This should give you a 1 inch spine for your Halloween travelers notebook.
  3. Add some holes for running the elastic.  I used my Crop-a-dile for this, but any strong hole punch should work.  I used a craft pick (or pokey tool) for the one in the center of the spine as my punch couldn’t reach.  
  4. You’ll need 3 holes at the top, 3 at the bottom and one in the center.  The ones at the top and bottom should be inset about a quarter inch from the edge.  See the diagram below.
TN holes


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Time to run the elastic.

  1. Next, we need to run the elastic that will hold the signatures and other goodies in your Halloween travelers notebook. You will want to leave the cord taught, but not tight to make it easier to insert your notebook signatures.
    1. Thread the cord starting from the bottom outside center and thread it in. 
    2. From the inside top out. 
    3. From the outside top Left in.
    4. From the inside bottom left out.
    5. From the outside bottom right in. 
    6. From the inside top right out.
    7. From the outside top center in.
    8. Cut the opposite (attached to spool) end of the elastic cord to a little past the centerline… both ends need enough length to tie at inside center.
    9. Sew that end through the outside center bottom in. (around the elastic running between the right and left.
    10. Tie the ends together at the center the point.
  2. Measure cord around the closed travelers notebook.
  3. Run the middle of the cord through the center hole in the center scoreline.
  4. Close the travelers notebook and test tautness of cord.
  5. Finally, adjust if too loose/tight. Tie on inside.

Here is a quick look at the finished notebook cover.  

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Halloween Travelers Notebook

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Although I haven’t completely decided on what I should use this for or what signatures I should add to it, I do have some ideas… and I have a lot more Halloween paper so I could just make some more!

What do you think I should use it for?

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I hope that this video has inspired you to get started on your Halloween crafting and use some of those stamps that haven’t seen any action since last year.

To see all of my Halloween posts and videos for 2020, check out #DJCCHalloween2020.  Today’s post was the first, but there will be a bunch more for you to see.

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Halloween Travelers Notebook

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