Bluebonnet Foil Testing and Product Review

For today’s video, I’m going to be testing out some foil from Bluebonnet Foil. Let’s see how it measures up.

A couple of months ago, Ann, one of my subbies ,  showed me how she made a foiled and laminated planner dashboard from a free sticker sheet download that she got from my site.

Credt to Ann C for image.

Then she started raving about how awesome her foil supplier was.  So I asked them for some samples so that I could do a review.

Check out the video below to see how this foil performed for my tests and let me know what you think in the comments here, or on in the comments section on the video on YouTube.

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1. Foiling on Adhesive 1:25
2. Foiling on Toner 2:25
3. Foiling on Transfer Gel 5:18
4. Foiling Stamped Images 6:27
5. Foiling with a Heat Press 8:43
6. Foiling with a Stencil 9:40


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Bluebonnet Foil is a small business located in Hidalgo, TX. They sell exclusively through their page on Facebook and I am not an affiliate for this company.

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WOW! Clear Embossing Powder 15ml
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                                            title="New Year, New ME!  And more stuff for YOU!"
                                            >New Year, New ME!  And more stuff for YOU!</a></h2></header>
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