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I’m Debbie and I’d like to welcome you to the Grads of Team Tiny Winter Hop!

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This month’s hop theme is Winter, and I’m pulling something different out for you today.

This video was recorded about a year ago when I was creating something for a swap I was in. 

And I think these winter themed pouches would be perfect to hold some holiday goodies.  Let me know what you think of this fun project.

This is a great gift idea!

You probably have most of the supplies we’ll need today in your stash. 

  • 12 x 12 scrap book paper
  • a paper trimmer or scissors
  • a scoring tool or ruler
  • a craft pick or awl
  • modpodge or glue
  • decorative ribbon

Step 1: Cut

 I’m starting off with a 12 x 12 piece of pattern paper from a holiday paper pack.  Unfortunately, I don’t know which pack this sheet came from.

I really like that little snowman so I want him to be on the front of the pouch… which means that I’ll create a smallish pouch by cutting the sheet in half at 6 inches with my Swingline 12” Paper Trimmer.

Then I’m cutting it down on the long end to 9 ½ inches, making sure that I have the snowman right where I want him.

You probably noticed that I’m cutting both 6 inch wide pieces.  The other 6 x 9 ½ in piece will be the pouch, while the snowman will be used as the focal image on my pouch.

Step 2: Score

  • Score at 4 and 8 1/4
  • From the top Score 4 in and 8 ¼ (pretty side down).  Doing it like I did in the video could cause it to crack on the fold.
YouTube player

I wanted to use the snowman on this pouch… but it was positioned at the bottom of the panel.  Which means that it would be upside down if I used that half of the 12 x 12 paper. 

Easy solution.

I cut a the panel down to 6 x 4, and trimmed a smidge off of the end. 


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Step 3: ModPodge

  • Then I’m using modpodge to adhere it to the front of my pouch.
  • Next I covered the entire pretty side of the panel in ModPodge. And I put a pretty heavy layer. This will create a protective layer that will make the pouch much more durable.
  • Now it needs time to dry.

Step 4: Pouch Assembly

Once it’s dry, I rounded the corners at the end of the panel that will be the flap with my Crop-a-dile corner chomper from weRmemorykeepers. I used the ½ inch side. 

Next we’ll create a couple of gussets to give a little more room inside the pouch.

  • I’m using some white cardstock and cutting 2 3 x 2 ¾  pieces.
  • Then I score them every half inch.  So that’s at ½, 1, 1 ½, 2, 2 ½
  • Next I accordion fold on the score lines.

Then we attach the gussets to our pouch.

  • Add liquid adhesive or a strong double sided tape to the outer edge of your gusset and attach it to the outer lateral edge of the inside of your pouch panel.  In this example, I attached it to the at the end. 
  • Then attach the second gusset in the same fashion to the other lateral edge.
  • Add adhesive to the other end of your gussets and fold on the first score line to attach the gussets and create the pouch.

Step 4: Add a snap closure

  • To determine where to put the snap, you’ll need to close the pouch.
  • Then poke a hole through the flap about a half inch from the edge, and at the mid point. For this pouch, that was at about 3 inches. The hole also needs to continue through the front of your pouch where the pouch and flap would meet.

Now for the really cool part. At least it was for me, because I’d never used these before. 

I picked up this plastic snap kit from amazon (there is a link in the description if you are interested in it) and it comes with everything you need to add snap closures to your projects. 

To create the snap, you’ll need 4 pieces.

2 caps

1 socket

1 stud

KAM Snaps
  • Place 1 cap with pointed end through the hole on the flap and with the flat surface on the OUTSIDE of your pouch.
  • Place 1 socket on the other side of the paper, with the flat surface touching the paper, and the with the point of the cap through the hole.
  • Use the pliers to set the snap, placing the cap in the black part of the pliers, and the socket in the clear plastic part of the pliers.  Squeeze gently to set.
  • Place the other cap with pointed end through the hole on the front of your pouch and with the flat surface on the INSIDE of your pouch.
  • Place 1 stud on the other side of the paper, with the flat surface touching the paper, and the with the point of the cap through the hole.
  • Use the pliers to set the snap, placing the cap in the black part of the pliers, and the socket in the clear plastic part of the pliers.  Squeeze gently to set.

I find it easier to set the snap AFTER I place it in the hole (probably because of the small space that we are working with… maybe I should try doing this before adding the gussets…hmmm…) than how the instructions on Amazon state.  Here are their instructions, so you can try both methods and see what you think:

Snap Buttons with Snaps Pliers Set Instructions

Step 5: Embellishment

It didn’t really need it, but I decided to add some wintery ribbon to dress up the pouch just a bit.

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As you can tell, I made a couple of these, and I’m thinking of making some more.  What would you use them for?  I’d love to know, so drop me a comment down below.

And if you make one of these, I’d love to see it!

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