How to make a liquid shaker

Who doesn’t love shakers?  In this week’s LiveStream, we made  a LIQUID shaker card using HAND SANITIZER!

How COOL is that! If you want to craft along with me in the video, here’s what are the basic supplies that you’ll need:

  • ziplock bag
    * Hand sanitizer, dish soap, or liquid hand cleaner (translucent)
    * dies, or a way to cut a window in your paper and cardstock
    * craft foam or foam tape


  • strong double-sided adhesive (ie. scor-tape)
    * tape (scotch tape, washi, whatever)
    * card base
    * embellishments (whatever you want to decorate your card with… I’m stamping and coloring a cute mermaid)


    How to make a liquid shaker

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    Before the video, I did a bit of research and had to try out one of the ways to do this.  And I pulled out one of my mermaid stamps.  This card turned out so cute, and I discovered a couple of things that I wanted to change about the process.

I had used the “glitter hearts” from Target that I’ve been using on a lot of projects over the last several months.  And I think this wasn’t the best idea.

  1. The pointy end is a little sharp.  Not alot, but it might cause issues.  None of them poked through the plastic, but I think it could  happen.
  2. Test out the reactions that your materials will have with each other.  I used a clear hand sanitizer, and the hearts “bled” into it.  Since there is alcohol in the gel, I’m pretty sure that alcohol ink was used to color the hearts in manufacturing.
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Use less liquid medium than you think you need. Since the ziplock is wrapped around the back panel, all of the gel is squished into the center. I thought I didn’t have enough and added a little more (to get the glitter to mix) and it was probably too much. 

I also used a double layer of foam tape to give enough space for the shaker… I think a triple layer, or thicker foam, would work better.

One last thing I’ll try out on a future card is using some acetate or transparency film behind the window and in front of the ziplock.  It would give a bit more protection, but… it may not be as fun to touch!  You’ll have to try this kind of card and see for yourself.  

I hope that you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making this adorable shaker.  I’d love to hear what you think, so be sure to like the post and add a comment down below.  I read all of them and respond as often as I can.

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How to make a liquid shaker

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