Victoriasmoon Diamond Painting

Today I am doing an unboxing of a new to me product. I haven’t even tried this thing before. 

I’m going to be doing an unboxing for a diamond painting from VictoriasMoon.

The company contacted me over email and asked me if I wanted to try one of their diamond paintings and do a review.  

So this is with me had never having done this type of project before. Nnow I did do cross stitch a long long time ago.  And when I was a kid I remember doing some numbers with my mom and I think this is somewhat similar.  

Plus you know that I do put gems and such on my cards so at least I’ve got a little bit of background on that.  

But other than that I have never actually even tried one.

Victoriasmoon Diamond Painting

They were also kind enough to offer a 10% off coupon code if you decide that this is something that you’d like to try too.

Coupon Code : XNKPJM1ZZJ4C

(DISCLAIMER: Other than the free diamond painting, I was not paid for the creation of this blog post and video. I use affiliate links whenever possible in my blog posts and videos. It doesn’t change the way you purchase things, but it allows me to make a percentage off of sales. Thank you for using the links provided & helping me continue to create here.)

What’s in the box?

Victoriasmoon Diamond Painting

Here are all the things that I received in the box.

There are a TON of “drills”, the canvas, and several tools that you use to put the “drills” in place.  

I did a little research before selecting my free canvas.  Drills are what they call the little gems.  There are round drills and square drills.  

Several folks said that the square drills give better final results.  So that’s the type I requested.  

They also said that larger canvases are better too, because they won’t be as pixelated.

So I got a 50cm x 50cm… that means that I have over 26,000 little gems! (looked up the number online, but, based on the reference sheet, I think they sent me a TON more. )

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My Thoughts

So far, I’m happy with that I’ve received. I’ll be working on the canvas over the next couple of months, and plan on recording updates along the way with any tips and tricks that I learn.

Please comment below with any questions that you might have.  If I can find an answer, I’ll either/or let you know directly, or answer on a future video.

Victoriasmoon Diamond Painting

Thank you so much for joining me for this Par Koo Alcohol Marker Unboxing and initial review.  

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