Southern Magnolia

Hi Guys!
Today I’m creating a new dimensional flower card using dies from Spellbinders and Susan Tierney.

This Southern Magnolia die set let’s you create some beautiful and realistic looking magnolia blooms and leaves. I’m originally from Alabama and currently live in Florida. So it’s no wonder that I have a love of magnolias. We even have a couple of the trees in our yard.

To make it easier to follow my recent video where I show you how to use the dies and create the flowers, I’m also sharing the steps here. I hope you will share with me photos of the fabulous flowers that you create.

Here are the supplies I used:

Die Cutting:

Stamens (wagon wheel/ 8 legged star shape) – 6
Carpel – 1
Leaves – lots. The magnolia tree has lots of leaves, so add as many as you’d like.
Large Petals – 2
Small Petals – 1


Stamen – off white/yellow
Carpel – off white/yellow
Leaves – color front in olive/deep green and the front in a soft brown color. Add soft brown pan pastel to the back and seal with a light sprits of water (optional)
Flower – Add yellow at the center of each petal.

Shaping and assembly:

Seed Pod Center

Stamens: Cut each leg of the star shape down the center. This will create 16 legs (the die is designed this way because having it cut the legs any thinner would not cut well with a die).

Add yellow pollen to the tips. I don’t currently have any of Spellbinders’ paper flower pollen . So I skipped this step.

Shape the stamens by using a small ball stylus to cup each cluster. Add some liquid glue to the center of each and stack them on top of one another.

Carpel: Cut each leg quarter to halfway down the center. Add liquid glue down the shaft and roll it up using your tweezers from the long end to the short.

Give this time to dry while working on your leaves and petals


Using the leaf tool on the leaf pad, add the stem line down the back (brown) side of each leaf. Lightly fold on the score with the green facing out. Add light yellow/green pan pastel to the stem line (optional)

Shape the leaves using a medium ball stylus and a foam molding mat. Place your leaf green side down and pinch the folded stem en of your leaf with your fingers. Use the ball stylus to curl the tip of the leaf and curl the sides.

Glaze the green surface of the leaves using a brush. ( I used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, but you could use Glossy Accents, Nuvo Crystal Glaze or something similar)

Flower Petals

Shape the petals using a Large ball stylus and a foam molding mat.
Use the ball stylus to shape around the edges of each petal. It doesn’t matter if it’s colored side up or down.

From the outside of a petal, come in with your reverse tweezers and pinch the center area. Then curl the edges of the petals outward or inward, and pinch around your tweezers at the tip to make a point. Do this on all of your petals.

Back to the center. Add prills to the carpel tips and sides.

All that’s left is to assemble everything onto your card.

Check out the Process Video!

YouTube player

I really appreciate you hanging out with me today and would love to see what you create using your craft supplies and Spellbinders dies!  

After all, if I can make it, You Can Too!

~Big Hugs!

Debbie J

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