Magic Iris

Let’s make a Magic Iris Card!

    Today I’m using Lawn Fawn’s Magic Iris dies to create my card.  I got the die set not long ago.  But I’ve only tried it a couple of times.

Like most of you that have tried this, I watched (and re-watched) Lawn Fawn’s video (pausing a lot along the way) to figure out how to do this.

Although the instruction is great, it’s a little frustrating because there are so many step.  So I tried to find written instructions and had a very hard time finding anything.  

You can check out Lawn Fawn’s video here to see their step by step tutorial. >>>>>>>

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That being said, I decided that I would give you a written step by step tutorial to make it a little easier to create your own Magic Iris cards.  I highly recommend watching my video and all the other videos on making this to get more inspiration (and to see exactly what we are all doing).

Please let me know in the comments whether or not you find this type of post helpful.
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Step by step instructions

  1. Cut out the following shapes with your die cutting machine:
  • 3 rings
  • 3 stabilizers
  • 3 blades
  • 1 rounded tab piece (the arm)
  • 1 rounded tab with the arrow
Magic Iris Dies
  1. Take the slot cutter (flux capacitor) and line it up on one of the rings. Hold it in place with some washi tape and run it through your die cutting machine.  It will create 3 slots and 3 stitched marked areas that are halfway between each of the slots.
Magic Iris Card Construction
  1. Insert the tabbed ends of the 3 blades into the slots, and align the rest of the blade along the outer edge of the ring.
Magic Iris Card Construction
  1. On the rounded end of each of the blades is a small x cut into the cardstock. Place a mini glue dot ( 3/16 in ) on each of the x’s.
Magic Iris Card Construction
Magic Iris Card Construction
  1. Keeping the blades lined up (they should form a perfect circle matching the ring with the slot), place another ring (without slots) on top, adhering it with the glue dots you added in step 4.

{TIP: use some mini clothespins or washi tape to keep the blades in perfect placement. Once the second ring is adhered, you can remove the clothespins or washi.}

  1. Turn the rings over.
  2. Add some tape runner adhesive to the ring (with slots), starting at each of the stitched markers and going in a straight line to the outer edge of the ring.
Magic Iris Card Construction
Magic Iris Card Construction
  1. Add the stabilizers. Place the curved end of each of the stabilizers along the inner curve of the ring on the adhesive added in step 7.
Magic Iris Card Construction
  1. Turn the rings back over.
  2. Align curved end of the rounded tab along the inner edge of the ring and just to the right of one of the stabilizers. Where the 2 cross should form an inverted V.  This is where you will adhere the rounded tab.
Magic Iris Card Construction
  1. Add tape runner adhesive to half of the rounded tab, towards the curved end, and adhere as described in step 10.
Magic Iris Card Construction
  1. Place the third ring on top.
Magic Iris Card Construction
  1. Add adhesive to the three stabilizers.
Magic Iris Card Construction
  1. Hug the stabilizers gently around the third ring to adhere. The strips should not reach the inner edge of the ring.  If they are, they are adhered to tightly. If they are adhered too tightly, your magic iris will not move.
Magic Iris Card Construction
  1. Test your mechanism and have fun decorating your magic iris.
Here is a quick look at the finished project.

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Magic Iris Card

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