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Did I really talk that long about planning and planners?

I guess I did. Using a planner has been super useful for me, but also a challenge. I mean WHY do people use all those stickers and spend so much “productive” time decorating something that no one else will see? I think I finally figured it out.

Planner Tower

Another benefit of using a planner is that because you are sticking to a schedule for all the mandatory responsibilities, it leaves a little free time for your artistic endeavors, whether that means working on a hobby or trying something new. And some people use planners as a creative activity in and of itself, by adding stickers, pictures, and other decorative items.

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Stickers and more stickers

I guess that explains the big WHY. 

As you can see I have a LOT of stickers.  And this isn’t all of them.  What’s worse is that this picture is 2 years old and I still have almost ALL of these stickers .  

Now that I understand a little more, maybe I’ll start using my stash and discovering what I like and what I don’t… I may have a de-stash in my future!


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I ALSO need to make time to get them reorganized! I mean, it’s been MONTHS since I shared with you how I was gonna get this done…. and I’ve been so busy making videos and posts that I haven’t touched it. 

I think I need to PLAN some ME TIME!

Now on to Planner Inserts

The thing that led me to embark on this crafting journey was actually a planner.

In 2017 (at least I think that’s when this all started), I decided that it was time to get organized and get more DONE!

I bought a cheapish spiral bound planner from Staples, and sat down to start planning.

It wasn’t long before I realized that I just couldn’t work with that layout… and I didn’t want to spend more money.  So I tried making my own to put in it… It totally sucked.  I do NOT like trying to add something to a spiral planner!

So I bought a Recollections Creative Year 6 ring planner…. And still didn’t really like the inserts.  But the planner didn’t cost a lot, was a pretty teal-ish color, and had ring closures so that I could add what I wanted!

Recollections Creative Year Planner
Recollections Creative Year Planner

Since then, I’ve collected quite a few planners… because I like to make stuff to go inside!

This week, I just finished making my February inserts for my Classic Happy Planner.  And you can get the free download (at least it’s free through the 13th).  I’m PLANNING on taking insert and sticker creation off the back burner and getting more created in the coming months.


So let me know what kind of inserts you are looking for. I’ll have one or two NEW freebies each month.  But I also want to start adding some things back into the shop.

I also want to know what questions about planning and planners that you might have.  I might know the answer…. or I can try to find it.  I have quite a few questions myself, and I’ll be sharing what I discover!

Do you have a project you’d like to share?

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February 2021 Desktop and phone wallpapers bundle
February 2021 Classic HP Planner Printable

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