2022 11 20 - Artesprix Iron-on Ink Travel Bag

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Today I’m playing with the Canvas Zip Case blank from Artesprix, some stamps and the Iron-on-Ink Sublimation Stamp Pads. We are heading into the holidays and, and hopefully, travel season! So I thought it would be cool to create a Travel Pouch that you could use to carry makeup, art supplies, or whatever you prefer, while you travel. These come in a set of 3 from the Artesprix Shop so they are perfect to personalize for friends and family on your shopping list. 

sublimation artesprix iron-on-ink canvas zip case

What is Artesprix Iron-on-Ink?

Artesprix Iron-on-Ink is specialty sublimation ink in craft form. Traditionally sublimation ink is found in a fancy (expensive) printer. However, Artesprix hit the crafting scene in 2018 giving Makers, like me, the ability to experience sublimation without high-end equipment. Sublimation is when ink transforms to a gas and then binds to a compatible blank once combined with heat and pressure. The big deal? Once the design is infused to the polyester coated blank or polyester fabric, it is lifetime permanent!

sublimation stamps polyester canvas zip case iron-on-ink stamp pads


Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Let’s create our template to make sure that our design fits! We’ll be doing this on regular copy paper. I traced around my Zip Case using a pencil because the traced line won’t transfer.

sublimation canvas zip case template

Pro Tip: I marked off where the zipper was. Because the zipper is metal, so it won’t melt, but it will affect your blank from laying flat, unless you are using a pressing pillow when transferring. 

Step 2:  The stamp I’m using for my main design is the Hero Arts Everything Flowers Cling Stamp. I used my Misti to allow me to stamp a few layers in exactly the same spot to get a good impression. 
Pro Tip #2: I also masked off the top edge of my template to prevent me from needing to press too close to the zipper. 

sublimation iron-on-ink design with stamp pads

Step 3: To add text, I then stamped the “travel” stamp from the Sublimation Stamps – Hand Lettered Basics set onto the bottom right corner of the template. These are non-mirrored stamps made specifically for sublimation, so they are great for adding text. 
Step 4: Now we are ready to transfer, secure the Zip Case you want to tape it down with Heat Tape. You DO NOT want to use Scotch Tape or Washi Tape.  You NEED heat resistant tape because it is designed to handle the heat from your heat source and will not leave a sticky residue behind. 

sublimation design taped to polyester canvas zip case

Step 5: Next we create the “Sublimation Sandwich”. First, I cut two large pieces of protective paper. One piece will go beneath our secured blank, and the other will go on top. Your sandwich should be built as follows: Protective paper on the bottom (bottom bun), your blank with the design face-down, and another layer of the protective paper on top. 

protective paper on project before transfer

Pro Tip #3: You might be wondering if a 3rd piece of protective paper is needed in-between to prevent the design from transferring to the other side. Normally you would, however, these specific Zip Cases from Artesprix are high quality so it is not needed. 

Step 6: Time to transfer! I set the temperature and time and let it heat up. Then I placed my “sublimation sandwich” in my press and closed the lid…. And then waited 45 seconds!

artesprix sublimation design after transfer

Step 7: “Peek Test” time, this can be a project saver! Before removing any tape, peel back a small part of your design to ensure the transfer was successful.   
Step 8: Once we confirmed our transfer was successful, we are ready to see our final project.

artesprix sublimation iron-on-ink canvas zip case project

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today as I create another cool project using Artesprix Sublimation Iron-on-Ink! 

If you do not have any Artesprix products your Maker’s toolbox yet, head on over to the Artesprix Shop! They have a “Starter Kit” that I highly recommend for beginner sublimators. Share your Artesprix projects with us by using #Artesprix and #IrononInk or post it to the Artesprix Facebook Group. I would love to see what YOU create! 

Because, if I can make it, You Can too!

Debbie Jenkins

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