DRU - Birdhouse Magic Iris

“Just My Type” Reveal Wheel Card

Hi Guys! I’m Debbie from Debbie J’s Crafting Corner, here today sharing how I used several stamp and die sets from Lawn Fawn to create this “Just My Type” Reveal Wheel Card. I love showing the process when I’m creating.  I hope my tutorial and video help you see that, if I can make it, You Can Too!

I used the following stamps and dies from Dies R Us:

Lawn Fawn Magic Iris Die Set
Lawn Fawn Magic Iris Die Set
Lawn Fawn - Magic Iris Add-On Dies
Lawn Fawn – Magic Iris Add-On Dies
Lawn Fawn - Grassy Hillside Borders Dies
Lawn Fawn – Grassy Hillside Borders Dies
Lawn Fawn – You’re Just My Type Dies

Check out the video showing how I created this adorable card!

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✨Video Chapters:

Introducing dies: 00:33 Cutting out the parts to make a Magic Iris: 00:46 Starting Assembly of the Magic Iris Mechanism:  01:00 Test: 04:36 Adding the Magic Iris Mechanism to the Cover Plate: 06:44 Adhering the Magic Iris to the front panel : 07:43 Putting it all together: 08:38

The Magic Iris Birdhouse Add-on

I’ve occasionally made Magic Iris cards.  But I just couldn’t resist getting the cute birdhouse add-on!  I mean really… I tried, but in the end gave in.

So the first thing I did was cut everything out and make a birdhouse… all off video (sorry).

It would work great on it’s own, But I figured I would turn this first one into a Magic Iris card.

DRU - Birdhouse Magic Iris

Step by step instructions

Cut out your pieces

Cut out the following shapes with your die cutting machine:

  • 3 rings

  • 3 stabilizers

  • 3 blades

DRU - Birdhouse Magic Iris

Take the slot cutter (flux capacitor) and line it up on one of the rings. Hold it in place with some washi tape and run it through your die cutting machine.  It will create 3 slots and 3 stitched marked areas that are halfway between each of the slots.

DRU - Birdhouse Magic Iris

Assemble the mechanism

Insert the tabbed ends of the 3 blades into the slots, and align the rest of the blade along the outer edge of the ring.

DRU - Birdhouse Magic Iris On the rounded end of each of the blades is a small x cut into the cardstock. Place a mini glue dot ( 3/16 in ) on each of the x’s.

Keeping the blades lined up (they should form a perfect circle matching the ring with the slot), place another ring (without slots) on top, adhering it with the glue dots you added.

Turn the rings over.

Add some tape runner adhesive to the ring (with slots), starting at each of the stitched markers and going in a straight line to the outer edge of the ring.

DRU - Birdhouse Magic Iris Add the stabilizers. Place the curved end of each of the stabilizers along the inner curve of the ring on the adhesive added.

Turn the rings back over.

I also cut out a couple of the rounded tab pieces in the set and glued them together for greater strength when pulling the tab to operate the Magic Iris.

Align the curved end of the rounded tab along the inner edge of the ring and just to the right of one of the stabilizers. Where the 2 cross, they should form an inverted V.  This is where you will adhere the rounded tab using a tape runner.

Next, place the third ring on top and add tape runner adhesive to the stabilizers.  You then gently hug each stabilizer around the top of this ring.  Don’t adhere it too tight.  If the end reaches the center of the ring, it’s too tight, and your Magic Iris may not work properly.

DRU - Birdhouse Magic Iris

Test it!

Now it’s time to test the mechanism and decorate our Magic Iris card.

DRU - Birdhouse Magic Iris

Here are some photos of the finished card.

Thank you so much for dropping by.

 I hope you enjoyed this project and would love to hear what you think of this double slider surprise card.

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