clear pocket planner dashboard

Tonight I’ll be making a DIY Clear Pocket Tabbed Planner Dashboard for my Classic HP!

It’s not my idea, but I just had to try it!

Clear tabbed dashboard

How to make the pocket

I used 2 laminating pouches for this project. 

To create the pocket, I cut one pouch down to 8 1/2 by 6 inches (cut the sealed side) and flipped the 2 sheets inside out.

Matt side out, shiny side in.

This will allow me to add a piece of pattern paper that’s a little smaller into the pocket and change it out whenever I want.

Then I placed this inside another pouch.  Make sure to position it so that you’ll have room on one side to punch when we are done, and enough room at the top (or other side) so that we can add a tab.

Clear tabbed dashboard

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How to make the top tab

For the top tab, I’m using some washi tape… I think I have a hoarding problem when it comes to some of my crafty supplies.  

Clear tabbed dashboard
Clear tabbed dashboard

I did 2 versions. 

One by just taping the washi to the inside of the larger laminate pouch. 

The other I folded the tape on itself and laid it in place inside the pouch.  

The first is easier to do, but I really like the look of the second better because you can see the washi from the front and from the back of the dashboard when it’s all done.

Clear tabbed dashboard
Clear tabbed dashboard

Let’s Laminate

Now that everything is positioned, I ran it through my Crenova Laminator.

Clear tabbed dashboard

You can see the “bubble” where our pocket will be in the center of the clear laminate.

The next step is to trim it down to size.  Just be careful not to cut into the pocket, and to leave enough space to punch the holes or slits to put it in your planner.

Clear tabbed dashboard
Clear tabbed dashboard
Clear tabbed dashboard

Open the pocket

The last step for creating your pocket is to cut a slit opening. 

I used a ruler and a craft knife.  Be super careful here.  If you use too much pressure, you’ll cut through both layers (ask me how I know!)

It’s better to use light pressure and multiple passes when using a craft knife.

Clear tabbed dashboard


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Time to test

I had to test the pocket out.

I have so much scrapbook paper that it a bit too large for my A2 cards.  This one works perfect in this dashboard!

Clear tabbed dashboard
Clear tabbed dashboard

Use your Planner Punch

It’s pretty much done. 

Just round the corners and use your planner punch.  Then you can put it in your planner

Clear tabbed dashboard
Clear tabbed dashboard
Clear tabbed dashboard
Clear tabbed dashboard


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