Parkoo Alcohol Markers

Today I’m doing an unboxing of new-to-me alcohol markers from Par Koo.

I was contacted by Par Koo and asked to do a review of their alcohol markers set.

This is the 80 count Dual Tip Art Markers

πŸ’₯ Quick Caveat.  The only alcohol markers I’ve ever tried are the Spectrum Noir Classique.  I originally started my collection because I heard that they were a great alternative to the more expensive Copics.

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Let’s Compare

Parkoo Alcohol Markers
Par Koo Art Markers
Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers - Brights Pack (24 ct)
Spectrum Noir Markers

Some Suppliers and Pricing (as of May 2021)


The Par Koo Store on Amazon has this set for $29.99. As it ships from Amazon, it gets free shipping. ο»Ώ

So that is less than $0.38 a marker.  

The price depends on the set of colors. Set of 12 is currently listed between $23 and $30.  

Each marker cost between $1.91 and $2.50.

Dick Blick

The price depends on the set of colors. Set of 24 is currently listed between $23 and $50.  

Each marker cost between $0.95 and $2.08.

Currently listed for $34.99 (marked down from $69.99) with free shipping to 60 countries including the US and a 10% off coupon for joining their mailing list.

That’s about $0.40 per marker

Crafter’s Companion

Currently listed at $29.95 for 12 marker set.

That’s about $2.50 per marker

Par Koo Color Swatch

While the Par Koo markers do have a great price point, the markers are not available individually, so you can’t really build on your collection without getting a ton of duplicates. They also have a 48 count (which includes a colorless blender), and a 12 count Alcohol Brush marker set.  

Par Koo Swatch
Par Koo Swatch
Par Koo Swatch

And of course I did my own swatch with the swatch card that was provided in the case.

YouTube player

Easy Coloring

After swatching them out, I tried some easy coloring and ink blending.  I tried not to be biased towards my Spectrum Noir…. but I think my experience with my current markers have colored (pun intended) my expectations.

Par Koo marker colored cards

I used the Sketch Tulip Stamp set from Simon Says Stamp (not affiliated) to do my easy coloring.

What I found on the first flower is that the colors didn’t blend as easily as I expected.  I’m speculating that it could be that the Par Koo formula includes less alcohol than the Spectrum Noir Classic’s formula. 

This could be by design, or it could be a problem with one of the products.  To be quite honest, I never paid that much attention to this when working with the Spectrum Noir markers.  

While checking these out, because I want to give an honest review, I’ve been watching videos by other artists and crafters to see how the markers perform.

So far, the Par Koo appear to be performing the same for everyone.  

My conclusion is that the ration of pigment to alcohol in these markers is by design.


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What do I think?

I think these markers are a great value, especially for a new crafter or card maker.

The firm bullet nib will be great for getting finer detail in my coloring than I’ve been able to get with the Spectrum Noir.

However, the blendability has me a little concerned. 

It may be that I’ve been “spoiled” by the Spectrum Noir and need to re-think my coloring techniques to use more color blocking. 

I also need to research how the Spectrum Noir Classique (and other alcohol markers) are supposed to perform in comparison to how mine do. 

What’s next?

In the coming weeks/months, I’ll be experimenting with these markers and sharing how I think they are doing. My opinions may change as I learn more and practice more. ο»Ώ

Thank you so much for joining me for this Par Koo Alcohol Marker Unboxing and initial review.  

All opinions that I am sharing on my blog are my own and are not based on any request from the manufacturer.


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