Foiling and Coloring the Perfect Nanny - PIN

Hi guys! Today we’re going to be foiling and coloring the Perfect Nanny from Kindred Stamps.

Welcome back for another card-making post and video.  Today, I’m using the Perfect Nanny stamp set from Kindred Stamps. 

If you haven’t checked them out, you really should. The artists there have created super cute pop-themed stamps, everything from Doctor Who and the Winchesters, to the Grinch.  They even have a set or two with a Game of Thrones theme!

And just so you know, I’m not affiliated with them in any way. I just think their designs are too darn cute.

A word of caution. 

Their stamps are addicting, and many aren’t available for long… some of the stamp sets that I have are no longer available on the Kindred Stamps site. 

They DO bring some of them back… but you never know when it’ll happen if you miss the one you want.

The Perfect Nanny from Kindred Stamps

Stamping and Coloring!

I started off by stamping out the characters and coloring them with my main go-to coloring medium, Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers.  

I actually recorded the video several months ago, and I don’t recall which colors I used. 

I’m listing what I think they were. (You wouldn’t believe how many times I re-watched different sections zoomed in to try to figure it out for some of them.) 

It’s ok to experiment with your own markers to try for the same type of effect.

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I’m starting off with some light and dark greys for the nanny’s umbrella, hat, and coat.  

Because it took so long to do the coloring, I sped up the video. I’m not an expert by any means at alcohol markers, but let me know if you’d like to see some real-time coloring. 

Foiling and Coloring the Perfect Nanny from Kindred Stamps

Other Colors

Next, I moved on to her the nanny’s hair. TN3, TN8, TN9. For her skin, I’m using FS1 and FS3.  And CR1 to add some color to her cheeks.

Then I used some corals (CR family) to color her scarf and AG4, and CR7 for her carpetbag. I finished off the Nanny’s outfit with TB4 for her skirt.

Finally, I’m using the same corals for the flowers in her hat. As well as GY3 for the center of some. 

Then I decided that there wasn’t enough definition, so I used a white gel pen on the flowers as well.

Foiling and Coloring the Perfect Nanny from Kindred Stamps


After coloring all of the images, I pulled out a foiled background that I had created.  

I used DecoFoil transfer gel and a star stencil from the Sky Stencil Pair from Hero Arts.

Check out the Video!

YouTube player

Waste not, Want not

While editing the video, I realized that it really shows some of my crafting issues.

  1. I hate wasting supplies
  2. I hate making a mess

For the foiled background, I spread the transfer VERY thinly over the stencil.  It took basically took forever since I didn’t spread it thick enough.  

Note to self: it’s not a big deal to scrape off the excess and put it back in the jar.

I’m curious… Do you guys have the same problem holding you back from some of the crafting you’d love to try?

Foiling and Coloring the Perfect Nanny from Kindred Stamps


Once the transfer gel was dry, I heated up my laminator and pulled out some gold foil. I covered the stenciled background with the foil and placed it in a sheet of copy paper that I’m using as a carrier sheet. 

I ran it through my laminator twice, just to be on the safe side.

Now for the reveal!  Aren’t those gold stars gorgeous?

Foiling and coloring the perfect nanny

Put it all together

Finally, I put the images that I colored earlier together with the foiled background onto a top-folding card base.

For the inside sentiment, I used one from the stamp set; Life’s as sweet as a spoonful of sugar with you.  And I added some of the characters to create a carnival scene on the inside.

I finished up the card by popping up the panel on a top-folding card base made from 300 GSM card stock that I picked up at Michaels.  

Foiling and Coloring the Perfect Nanny

I hope that you liked “Foiling and Coloring the Perfect Nanny from Kindred Stamps” and are inspired to do some coloring and foiling of your own! 

Please let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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Foiling and Coloring the Perfect Nanny - PIN

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