Happy Mail Bag

It’s time for the November Happy Mail Bag! Let’s open some Happy Mail!

I love seeing all of the wonderful cards that you create. And I’m so lucky to receive some of those in our monthly swaps.

For the November Happy Mail Bag, I’m featuring the cards and goodies that were sent to me from the October Crafting with Debbie, Card Conga, and Erin Reed Makes Swaps.

Erin Reed has a quarterly swap and the other two Facebook groups are currently having a monthly card swap.  

Here is some information about each of the groups in case you’d like to join us for crafty fun, and possibly have YOUR creations featured here on my blog, and in a video on my YouTube Channel.

Facebook group and swap information


In order to participate in swaps with these groups, you need to join the group and agree to the group rules.  

Swaps are only ONE of the things that participating in the group provides.  They are great places to get together with other crafters of all levels, share what you know and inspire others, and learn and be inspired by the rest of the group.  

Crafting With Debbie

Crafting with Debbie Facebook Group

Crafting with Debbie Facebook Group

About the Group

Join us to share your crafty creations, tips, tricks, ideas, and inspiration. This is a place for us to create together and to learn from one another. We are all about support, encouragement, and motivation, no matter how long you have been crafting. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to post but please remember never to compare your start with someone else’s middle – we always should be competing with ourselves and not others, knowing that every time we pick up our supplies we are growing.

Crafting With Debbie Facebook Group

Card Conga

Card Conga

About the Group

This is a group where you can meet like-minded people to swap and share your own handmade cards. If you are a paper crafter or stamper and love making cards and want to share these across the world we would love to have you join us. We are an international group with members spread all over. If you are a learner please consider a different group and come back when you have made a few cards as we are not a teaching group. Swaps are posted on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Card Conga

Erin Reed’s Card Swaps & Inspiration

About the Group

Group to help organize and administer my card swaps and share card ideas to inspire everyone!!

Erin Reed’s Card Swaps & Inspiration

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Check out all of these lovely cards in the November Happy Mail Bag! I love it!

Other Crafty Opportunities!

If you just love crafting and want more ways to create with me, check out these other crafty opportunities. Each is super fun!


Check out our next Card Class!

❤To Be Announced Soon!

See you there!

Let’s hang out!

Planning Crafters Facebook Group
Crafting with Debbie Facebook Group
Crafting with Debbie Facebook Group

Thank you so much for joining me today.

If we can make it, you can too!


Deb Jenkins

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Because, If I can make it, YOU CAN TOO!

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