Aug 2021 Butterfly Hop

Hi Guys! Today I’m sharing how to sublimate with Stamps and Markers from Artesprix.  I had so much fun creating another keychain about a week ago.  And it turned out so awesome that I just had to try another one.

Today’s Butterflies, Bees & Insects Please Hop

Today’s video is part of this month’s Card Hoppin’ video hop being organized by the Crafty YouTube Collaborations Group over on Facebook.  These crafters are so talented and I’m honored to get to participate in some of their hops.

Check out How to Sublimate with Stamps and Markers in this Video!

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Step by Step Instructions – Let’s sublimate with stamps and markers

Step 1: Create your design.

Do all of your stamping on regular copy paper, not on the item. You are creating the design to TRANSFER. For mine, I used my stamp platform, some stamps and some sublimation markers to color the stamps before stamping them down on the paper.

Step 2: Heat up your heat press or iron.

For my Cricut Easy Press, I set it to 400 degrees. You’ll want to check the instructions for the sublimation inks that you are using to make sure to get the right amount of heat for your project.

Step 3: Attach your design to the blank.

Be sure to use heat resistant tape. NOT SCOTCH TAPE, WASHI TAPE OR OTHER TYPE OF TAPE.

Step 4: Create the “sublimation sandwich”

This part is super easy!  I cut a piece of protective paper large enough to fold in half  and enclose my project in it with lots of room to spare.  I think the better habit would be to cut 2 pieces.  Especially for larger projects, but this worked for me. 

The sandwich works like this.

Step 5. Heat it up.

While you got the image attached to the key chain and got the protective paper ready, your heat press (or iron) should have gotten hot enough.  Mine did.

So I placed my protective paper sandwich on the Protective Project Mat and used my Cricut Easy Press for 60 seconds. 

Step 6. Let it cool! 

Step 7.  REVEAL!

Project Photos

Here is the rest of the LINEUP!

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Thank you so much for joining me for the Cardhoppin’ July Hop.  Be sure to check out all of the other creators because I know they will have some amazing projects for you to see.

I hope you are inspired to create something AWESOME!  Because, if I can make it, You Can too!


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