Hi guys! Have I got a treat for you! I’ll be making some fridge magnets using Artesprix Iron-On Ink.

Ashley with Artesprix asked if I would like to do a guest design team project for them. And you know I just had to say YES! Their products are so fun and easy to use, work great with all of my cardmaking supplies. AND they push me just a little bit outside of my normal crafty comfort zone.

Besides the fact that there are so many fun gifts that you can create with these. Christmas is coming! So this is a Win-Win-Win!

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Tutorial Video – Watch me sublimate a metal magnet!

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Step by Step Instructions – Let’s sublimate a metal magnet

Step 1: Create your design.

Draw or stamp your design onto plain copy paper. You don’t need any cardstock or special paper for this. 

I like to know how much space my finished project is going to use so that I can make sure my design is positioned the way I want. So let’s create a template by tracing around the magnet blank with a pencil.

Then I used some Disney stamps to create the designs. This is where you can keep it as simple or as creative as you want. I’m sticking with a simple design for each of my magnets so I stamped some of the images with black sublimation ink.

After I was happy with the stamped design, I colored it in with the Sublimation Markers. Don’t worry when you see the color. Sublimation ink is duller when you first put it down on paper. Once we do the heat transfer, you’ll see how vibrant it is!

Step 2: Heat up your heat press or iron.

I checked the instructions for this specific blank.  It said to heat your press to 400.  I set my Cricut Easy Press to 400 degrees.

Step 3: Attach your design to the blank.

Next line up your metal blank with your traced template. You want the colored side of your paper to touch the white side of the blank, because the white is the sublimatable surface. Once the blank is in position, tape it to your design with heat resistant tape.

Also, be sure to use Artesprix Heat Tape (not scotch tape!) on the outer edge of your design.  Other tapes are NOT heat resistant and could mess up your design and if your heat tape covers some of the design on your blank, it could mess up the transfer.  I did this by taping the blank to my paper. 

Step 4: Create the “sublimation sandwich”

This part is super easy!  I cut a piece of protective paper large enough to fold in half  and enclose my project in it with lots of room to spare for one of my blanks.  I also cut a second piece in half to use on the second blank and showed both versions in the video.

The sandwich works like this.

  1. Protective paper on bottom.
  2. Your magnet blank with taped design . (This means that the metal is touching the protective paper and your design is on top.)
  3. Another layer of the protective paper on top.

Step 5. Heat it up.

While you got the image attached to the magnet and got the protective paper ready, your heat press (or iron) should have gotten hot enough.  Mine did.

So I placed my protective paper sandwich on the Protective Project Mat and used my Cricut Easy Press for 75 seconds. (always check the product information for your blank to see what temperature and time you need.

Step 6. Let it cool! 

Remove the easy press and let the metal cool down so that you don’t get burned!

Step 7.  REVEAL!

What is the MOST fun part? Seeing your finished design!

I’d recommend pealing back the edge to see if your transfer looks good. If it didn’t, you can put your heat press back for a bit to finish the transfer.

Mine was great without needing more heat… which is good because my paper came off the blank as soon as I picked it up. LOL!

And, since you are done, turn off your heat so that you don’t burn anything.

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