Re-sticking my Scan N Cut Mats

Today I’m Re-sticking my Scan N Cut Mats!

Yes!  You read that right!  I’ve been planning on doing this video for almost 2 months. (ever since I got the Paper Studio Sticky Mats from Hobby Lobby while they were on sale.  You can see my Haul Video Here.) 

Re-sticking my Scan N Cut Mats

Re-sticking my Scan N Cut Mats 3 ways!

I have three SNC mats for my SDX125 machine…. and I’ve found three different ways to add some stickiness back to my well-loved mats!

Method #1

The first method I’m using today is an experiment.  The pink Paper Studio Mats (not affiliated) that I found at Hobby Lobby came in a two-pack for about $15.00…. and I caught them on a 50% off sale!  Which means that each of these cost less than $4.00!  So I thought ‘I wonder if I can use one to re-stick my SNC mat’.

Video Time stamp for Method #1 00:47

Re-sticking my Scan N Cut Mats


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Method #2

The second method I’m using today is one I’ve been using for a while. CONTACT PAPER.  I saw this method used on a video many months ago (and on a smaller scale) and had to try it out.

Video Time stamp for Method #2 04:10

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Method #3

The final method that I’m using is re-sticking with Tombo Mono Multi Liquid Glue. This adhesive is a two-way glue, so its permanent hold is great for surface to surface, AND it becomes repositionable if you let it dry completely before attaching anything. 

Video time stamp for Method #3 09:29

Testing the Methods

After giving all of the glue plenty of time to fully dry, I pulled out my Scan N Cut to test out each of the methods. 

Video Time stamp for Testing 11:34

Re-sticking my Scan N Cut Mats
Re-sticking my Scan N Cut Mats

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Re-sticking my Scan N Cut Mats

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