OMG! It was so much fun making coasters with #Artesprix inks and paint on Tuesday night’s livestream!

You may remember that I met Ashley with Artesprix Iron-on-Ink at Creativation (You can see all of the videos here). Last year I had done a guest design project for Artesprix. So I asked if I could do another this year, using the new Paints. And she said YES!

Making Coasters with #artesprix

In addition, she gave me a few other samples that I could share with some of you.

Bethany with BB Productions Studio does some print sublimation (Iron-on-ink) and Elizabeth Costa-Rogers had also said that she was interested in sublimation when I did the projects last year.

So I thought it would be super fun to have them BOTH on. I sent them each an ink pad and a set of markers, and they tried them for the first time on my Live Stream.

So what is Artesprix?

Artesprix products let you sublimate on lots of surfaces. Before learning about the company, I had never heard the term “sublimate”. Basically, it lets you embed your design onto projects by ironing them on.

It’s NOT heat transfer vinyl. It actually EMBEDS your design INTO the shirt, coaster, tumbler, etc… It does NOT scratch off like vinyl.

These are the kind of things that you would usually buy at a store. Like polyester shirts that have a nice design in the fabric. Or many of my coffee mugs that have smooth surface designs on them (I’m drinking from one of my Doctor Who ones right now)

It’s a little hard to explain, but I tried. What I usually have to do is let people hold my metal key chain the I made last year.

Artesprix Key Chain

Sometimes you have to feel it to really understand how cool this is. And I made another with the same basic design this week to give to a friend.

Come see how we use Iron-on-ink for Making Coasters with #Artesprix

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This was just so much fun! Ashley from Artesprix joined us in the chat and added her expertise when questions came up. She also is offering a 10% coupon code off your Artesprix order!

Discount Code FOR 10% off:


(Doesn’t apply to heat press / discounted bundles)


As usual, I was talking a little to much, and managing the livestream instead of focusing more on doing the actual crafting. That’s ok! I finished up my projects the next morning.

Here are photos of all of our projects that we made using Artisprix Iron-on-ink!

  • Making Coasters with #artesprix

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