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On the First Tuesday of the month, Elizabeth Costa-Rogers is joining me for a Planning Q&A Session. These fun live streams are being held to:

  • Help us stay accountable to ourselves, each other, and you, by being more consistent in our planners.
  • Share what has worked so far in 2022 for us.
  • Share what has NOT worked so far in 2022 for us.
  • Answer questions to help you discover what will work for you while you experiment in your own planner.
  • And share what’s coming up on each of our crafty channels.

I’m sorry that I haven’t kept the blog posts completely current… but I’m getting there. I’ve had so much going on and want to keep the videos coming. I just ran out of time because I am a one-woman show.

To see all of our planning videos for 2022, head on over to Youtube and search for #planningcrafters, or click on the hashtag in the title!

So, in today’s post, I’ll leave you with a quick way to see my planning live streams for the first quarter of 2022.

Planning for 2022 Livestream (January 2022)

YouTube player

Planning Q&A (February 2022)

YouTube player

Planning Q&A (March 2022)

YouTube player

During the March Q&A, I shared a flip through of the first quarter, and realized that the spreads for the majority of that time didn’t really inspire me to write in my planner. For Elizabeth, her biggest issue seemed to be the size of the planner and that it kept getting lost in her craft room. A smaller size may work better for her as it would be easier for her to carry around.

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