Z Fold Snowman

Hi guys! Check out this fun Z Fold Snowman Card that I put together on a Multi-stream LIVE! I still need to work out the tech, but I’m planning on doing MORE LIVES to Facebook and YouTube together.

The card was inspired by a recent video from Jennifer McGuire.

I made a couple of cards like, one as a sample, and then this fun card using the Friendly Snowmen Clear Stamp from Spellbinders.

Creating the actual Z-fold design was super easy…. probably the most difficult thing to do was to “Fussy Cut” the snowmen that overlap with an exacto knife! Not my strong suite!

I’m sure that I could have drawn a cut line and had my Scan N Cut take care of it for me… Or just stamp and cut on a separate card and glue it to the front. The snowmen were layered with masking, so, even if I had a die set to match, it wouldn’t have worked for this design.

Check out the replay where I created this fun Z Fold Snowman Card. Be sure to turn the chat replay to Live Chat so you can see what is going on over there too.

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Check out some more Z Fold Snowman Card Photos

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