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Who doesn’t love to play with Hot Foil? I know… only those who hasn’t tried it. We have a new person in the Crafting with Debbie Tribe that is about to go down that fun crafty rabbit hole!

TR (of TRs Place on YouTube) ordered a new Glimmer Hot Foil System and I am soooo jealous! I have a Gemini Hot Foil System that I love… But I’ve heard that the Spellbinders system works better, and that the platform won’t warp when it gets too hot from using it too much.

After I had to replace the platform last year, I learned a lot about how these machines work. With my Gemini, I need to make sure I let it cool down between uses. Meaning, if you leave it plugged in while you set up your next hot foil plate, it could get too hot and warp. Mine warped enough that it got a big crack in it. Now that I let it cool enough, it doesn’t warp much.

Check out TRs channel and show her some love.

We decided to team up with Elizabeth Costa-Rogers because both Elizabeth and I have done a bit of hot foil playing. Unfortunately, in order to use her new Glimmer System, TR also needed to get a different die cutting machine. Like me, she has a Gemini Junior. But the Glimmer System isn’t compatible. And the die cutting machine didn’t arrive in time….

So TR unboxed the Glimmer System, and Elizabeth and I played with foil. I’ll have TR back on soon so we can play with foil together!

Check out Elizabeth’s channel and show her some love.

Check out our crafty play time while we got to play with hot foil!

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Did I mention that we had a giveaway?

Whenever I have a guest on, I try to follow their lead and learn something new WITH YOU! This time we started together…. and then she inspired the cards I made. Yes, I know… I fell back to creating cards. But I LOVE how they turned out… and so did the winner!

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Check out all what we make when we play with hot foil!

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play with hot foil


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