Weekly Spready March 7 - 14, 2022

For my Weekly Spread March 07 – 13 2022, I’m using stickers from a few Happy Planner Sticker books and kind of just going with the flow to get the planner decorated. I’ve been spending less and less time in my planner… because I’ve just been too busy to even look at it. That means that I need to get the decor done, and note down what I did last week.

Weekly Spread March 07 – 13 2022! Check out the Video!

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hi guys it’s Debbie with Debbie J’s Crafting Corner and today is time for
another planning video. So I am already starting on figuring out what kind of stickers I
want to use in my planner for last week I do have to tell you though I am
at the point now where I have decided that planning
I guess memory keeping is not really my thing you know basically doing all of
the recording after the fact I mean yes it makes everything look nice but I have
not even picked up my planner in the last week. So…
I mean given I’ve been busy working on some other things I didn’t really need
to look at it except of course I wind up getting my dates wrong on what it’s
actually do so that’s one reason to make sure that you’re looking at this
or at least trying to look at it every day
and I’ve already gone into my adulting planner and got a few stickers there
and I’m now just trying to figure out what other stickers I want to use in
this and I’m considering using some of the ephemera from the
card kit of the month for spellbinders but haven’t decided on that yet so I’m just gonna
I think I’m gonna speed through with you guys and
then when I’m starting to put it down on the actual
planner because I am using these plastic sheets from happy planner this is the
sticker guide so I am using those so I’ll be able to move things around if i
want to. So let me go ahead and just start putting some more stickers down and
we will figure out what we want to do by now you’ve seen pretty much all of my
sticker books and I’m kind of going back to the same types of stickers each time
I pulled these guys out I think at some point I’m going to have to switch it up
a little bit because although it is a little cute I’m thinking I could probably do a
little bit better but anyhow I’m you choosing this pretty flower that
is in rose gold and I want one now that I’ve got one on the right-hand side I
decided I want one on the left-hand side too and picked out the wrong one to
begin with because I want it to kind of be flowing in the opposite direction you
know having the curve so that they match on the outsides and that is going to be
really pretty I think part of my problem this morning though is that my brain is
not functioning I had some sleep issues a couple of days ago and don’t
really know what’s going on with that but I got like two, three hours sleep
couldn’t get back to sleep and then was exhausted the entire next day which
means I basically got I got a little bit done um not any crafting done I basically was working on
the EDU site you guys know I’ve got a class coming up this week and I have
moved everything over to my own website, which means more work
than trying to just use an outside platform but I want to make sure that
this is nice for you guys and want to make sure that I know exactly
what’s going on in the whole process I don’t want any kind of glitches or
whatever or at least if there are they’re my fault and not anybody else’s
it’s kind of that’s the OCD in me I think at this point I think I’ve picked
out pretty much all of my stickers and I’m grabbing a roll of washi tape that
has some kind of planner e um sayings on there it
says time to work, coffee first talk later, I’m too old for this, and this is bananas. I think this is
just too cute but I have not used it I’ve had this roll of washi tape along
with all the other ones that I’ve got for way too long so I’m gonna go ahead
and use that kind of just as a border down at the bottom and
uh here’s another place where my OCD kicks in I got it a little bit crooked i
just like a bubble in there that’s so I had to pull some of it back and then try
to flatten it out straight with an old credit card then I’m going to use my
craft knife and that same credit card as a straight edge to cut the edge so it
lines up perfect with the boxes I’m going to do the same thing over on the other side
when you’re using a craft knife to cut your washi tape on your planner or to
cut anything else on your planner you have to remember you don’t want to go
through that other set of paper you don’t want to go through your
planner pages you need to make sure that you’re doing multiple cuts
very very lightly to make sure that you don’t have any kind of issues well now
I’m putting everything down onto my um my planner page kind of
showing which areas I actually had something going on now on on the 13th
that was Saturday we went to Leu Garden So I don’t really have a whole lot of
extra put in there so that that rose gonna get or that column rather is going
to get pretty much full but I do want to make sure I’ve got room to write a
little bit of stuff in and it’s going to work out just fine um
i’m also using some of that gold washi that i used a few weeks back because
it’s so pretty and this is just going to be a little bit of an accent along the
border of that other washi tape just to bring a little bit of
I don’t know some oomph to my layout like I said right now I’m
just, I’m just tired while I’m doing this so I don’t really have a plan or anything I’m
double-checking make sure I don’t cut all the way through and that sort of
thing also what happened last week what did I actually get done
the first part of the week went okay on Monday I had my plan with me with you
guys and then on Tuesday we had a LIVE stream with miss Monica
from TaylorMade cards for you and I had a not too shabby design team video go up
which was that little summer rocker card I know a bunch of you guys like by the
way on any of my videos that I’ve been doing lately with cards most of those
have got a um card sketch available over on my blog so be sure to check that out
then it’s a free download for you guys and then on um and the reason that that
went up on Tuesday then the rocker card is I thought it was due for Thursday and
then I had to rush that’s what I’m talking about you need to look in your
planner make sure what’s that first off you got everything written down right
and secondly that it’s all good to go and then on Thursday we had spellbinders
hop which was awesome and then of course I wound up having my sleep issues
working on my blog working on the EDU site basically trying to get everything
set up and good to go and then on the 11th you guys were awesome and helped me
test a bunch of stuff out I still have been working on some things since then
and I think I’ve got most of it going on right. okay so that is gonna be it for last
week um I may do another video in the next couple of days going forward with
this week’s um planner spread but I think this works pretty good I do have
space to be able to write and a lot of these are paper stickers so even if I
run out of space in the white space I still got plenty on Sunday we went to
Leu Garden so I really don’t have a whole lot to write there
I think that I wanted to add the floral there because
we went I went outside I went to Leu Gardens I got like 7 000 almost 8 000
steps in yesterday so anywho but that’s going to be it for my spread today you guys have a
wonderful day get busy in your planners and let’s try to keep on track to make
2022 your year you guys have a great one and I will talk to you soon bye for now

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Weekly Spready March 7 - 14, 2022

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