Trying the Happy Planner Sticker Guide

This week I’m trying out the Happy Planner Sticker Guide to help me set up some stickers in my planner. I struggle a bit when trying to decide where to add some stickers… and I change my mind a lot… so we’ll see if this helps.

Trying the Happy Planner Sticker Guide

Trying the Happy Planner Sticker Guide

The idea behind the Happy Planner Sticker Guide is that it gives you a way lay out your stickers so that you’ll see how they look BEFORE you put them down on paper. Kind of how we “pencil in” things in our planner so they can be erased and moved if we need them to.

And as a crafter, I’m always trying out different positions for the focal point, embellishments, sentiments, etc before I glue them down.

The Happy Planner Clear Sticker Planning Guide

What’s funny is that I had seen the sticker guide on a video last winter or fall. So when I found one at Joannes, I had to get it!

And I promptly LOST IT. LOL. This week I finally found it. So I had to try it out this week.

Trying the Happy Planner Sticker Guide

I think it worked out pretty well and we’ll have to wait and see how I like the layout that I created with stickers this week.

The main point of decorating is to make us WANT to look in the planner and use it. It’s kind of like when we make a super cute card and just have to keep it on our desk for a while just so we can see it… before replacing it with the next cute thing and mailing out the first one to someone that will appreciate it as much as we do.

In each week’s Plan with Me video, you’ll get to see how well (or not) I did at using my planner the previous week. I’m sharing this so that YOU can help me stay accountable.

One of the things I’ll be tracking in my planner is when I mail out the cards that I give away after creating them on some of my regular videos.

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I’ve also started a new Facebook group (Planning Crafters) with my friend Elizabeth Costa-Roger for crafters like me can help each other keep each other accountable by sharing how we are each using our planners, learn more about planning for crafters and just figure out the whole planning thing from a crafter’s point of view.

If this is something that YOU would like to be a part of, check out the link further down this blog post.

Trying the Happy Planner Sticker Guide. Check out the Video!

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