January 10 - 16 2022 Happy Planner Spread.

I said I would start planning, so it’s time to create a January 10 – 16 2022 Happy Planner Spread.

I decided to start slow and… get reacquainted with my planners and stickers. Today’s spread is clean and simple and includes two of the three top things that I want to track in my planner.

January 10 - 16 2022 Happy Planner Spread.
  • My Youtube and Channel Blog posts
  • And my fitness activities including steps and hydration, and leaving room to add other activities like walking and bike riding.

The third of my top three is mailing cards, which I plan to do once or twice a month. Plus, of course, the cards that I giveaway that on many of my live streams.

I’m also going to be giving away some of the cards that I’ve created on my regular videos.

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Let’s plan! January 10 – 16 2022 Happy Planner Spread.

I think that every year on January 1st, we all think about pulling out the old planner and making this our year. Then, as the days, weeks, and even months roll by, we think that we’ve missed our chance.

Of course, that’s not true.

No matter what you want to track or what your goals are, there is no wrong time to start. Yes, the 1st of the year IS a great time to start. But when you start doesn’t really matter. Whether you start… and keep going… does.

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Because I have a little trouble doing this on my own, I decided that I need some accountability buddies. I know. I tried that before here on this blog. This time, I’m also sharing this with my loyal followers and fans in my Live Streams.

AND we have just formed an accountability group on Facebook. The group is primarily to help EACH MEMBER help each other stay on track with their planning. I expect it to be made up primarily of crafters and card makers. But anyone that wants to find a way for their planner to work for them, wants to do better at memory keeping, or wants to make 2022 the year to reach for their goals is WELCOME.


Come see my January 10 – 16 2022 Happy Planner Spread. Check out the Video!

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January 10 – 16 2022 Happy Planner Spread Pics

Other Crafty Opportunities!

If you just love crafting and want more ways to create with me, check out these other crafty opportunities. Each is super fun!


Check out our next Card Class!

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See you there!

Let’s hang out!

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Crafting with Debbie Facebook Group


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January 10 - 16 2022 Happy Planner Spread.

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